Mercedes-Benz Axor

Of the many factors that determine how economical a truck is, payload is perhaps the most decisive. Especially when it comes to medium-distance haulage and heavy-duty short radius distribution in the GVM category form 18 to 26 tons.

The Axor was designed specifically for these tasks, so high payload is one of its fortes. It is already a very efficient truck with a durable, economical and powerful 6-cylinder engine plus a special powertrain configuration. With robust design and long service intervals, we have now also reduced the weight of the Axor wherever possible. For example, the new direct-drive transmission weighs 30 kg less than its predecessor.
Also, there are now more Axor models and cabs to choose from, as well as even more comprehensive comfort, safety and equipment packages. Freight carriers are now available in addiction to tractor units. Powerful clear-lens headlamps are fitted as standard. You are sure to find the right cab, as there are three on offer, including larger cabs for more space front and smaller cabs for increased payload, depending on engine power and application in question. Drivers especially will be pleased about the mini revolution that has taken place in the interior: controls that are even easier to use and new bunks. After all, driver motivation is an important economic factor too.